Best dog life jackets 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Anyone who owns a dog will try to involve them in their lives as much as possible. If you live near the sea, riverside or enjoy time next to one with your pets – you know that that your dog has to be kept safe. While most pets can swim across shallow rivers, lakes or ponds without help, they need a jacket for deeper, stronger waters.

So, lucky for most pet owners today, there are plenty of dog life jacket options – in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, fits, and prices. All it comes down to is what’s right for your budget and your dog! We’ve reviewed some of the best jackets available online today.

Best life jackets for Dog reviews 2021

#1. Float Coat Dog Life Jacket for Swimming from Ruff Wear

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This canine life jacket from Ruff Wear is designed keeping dogs in mind so you can take them on-water activities like surfing, rafting, boating, kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding

made using material is highly durable and resistant to abrasions. It also features this handle on top, so you can lift your dog out of the water if required.

Then, there are these closed-cell foam panels on either side that keep the dog afloat but enable him to swim in a position that’s natural, comfortable to him. The neck closure is telescopic and adjustable for easier movement. On the underside of the jacket – the part that’s closest to your dog belly – has extra floatation panels for enhanced float support from underneath.

One more benefit is the reflective trims that make it easier to spot at dusk, choppy waters and from a distance. And, you can choose from several sizes ranging from XL to XXS or colors like orange, yellow, dark red, blue with pink highlights.

A life jacket designed just for dogs, ideal for rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing, paddle boarding, and swimming.

Apart from the foam panels, low-profile back handle, telescoping neck closure, the best life jacket for dog also has easy-clip buckles and water-compatible webbing. The webbing is highly useful in wet environments.


  • material quality,
  • extra floatation on side and belly,
  • reflective trim, light loop for beacon lights,
  • water-compatible webbing,
  • adjustable neck closure,
  • easy clip buckles,
  • low profile back handle,
  • multiple sizes and colors,
  • straps/buckles can be concealed


  • Higher price than most jackets,
  • may not suit big and heavier dogs,
  • may be too bulky for very small dogs

#2. Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket from Outward Hound

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This best flotation vest for dog  from Outward Hound has this unique durable, and comfortable neoprene belly band and chest and fully adjustable neck flaps. Like other jackets, this one has top handles meant for lifting, holding your dog when in the water or onto boats, surfboards.

Then, it has these quick-release buckles that make the jacket easy to put on and remove. The vest also has a front float to keep the head above the water level. You do have multiple sizes too, from X-Large to X-Small so you can have one for all kinds of pets.

The Granby Splash dog life jacket has been made out of ripstop material for better comfort, buoyancy, and less movement restriction. The front neck float keeps head above water, neoprene belly bands secure the stomach and chest area.The dual grab handles make it easy to pull your dog out of the water when needed.


  • multiple colors,
  • affordable prices,
  • many sizes,
  • neoprene construction,
  • flaps for belly,
  • chest, and neck, adjustable,
  • top handles


  • sizes fitting can be inaccurate,
  • 2 connector belly straps are just Velcro and buckles,
  • the belly has no floatation or support so the top handles can strain the dog’s belly,
  • suited for medium to small dogs

#3. Dog Life Jacket Vest for Swimming and Boating from Paws Aboard

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This Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket is available in many shapes, sizes and is one more budget-friendly option. One good feature is the heavy-duty velcro fastening system. This goes around the belly and neck and can be adjusted as per your dog’s measurements. The only drawback is that this Velcro strap can get caught on dog fur.

If you have a bigger to medium-sized dog with less or no fur at all, then this is the right choice. Anyway, what does make the jacket interesting and worth your money is that it comes in many sizes and that it’s a pretty affordable option. The vest has a top handle like other jackets do.

And there are color options – nautical patterns, blue polka dot, yellow, yellow polka dot. It has a wrap-around flap that is made of mesh material to let water out, and the buckles are easy to snap open or close. Finally, the vest comes with this nylon loop that you can attach a leash to.


  • lightweight build,
  • easy to remove and put on,
  • easy to clean, solid quality,
  • good price


  • straps might not support
  • larger dogs,
  • Velcro belly straps might not be suitable for very furry dogs,
  • lightweight D-ring webbing,
  • the jacket doesn’t repel water and not suited for small dogs

#4. Dog Water Life Jacket from Kurgo

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The Surf n Turf Coat from Kurgo is designed to works as a multi-purpose, 3 season shell suit – it’s a vest, autumn coat, and rain jacket all in one! The Kurgo life jacket  for dog comes with two perpendicular handles for a better grip when pulling your dog out of the water, plus it has these two-metal d-rings for leash attachment.

So, when you’re in the pool, by the lake or ocean the Surf n’ Turf will help keep your pet afloat. After the swimming season, you can even remove the floatation layer and convert the vest into a waterproof shell for the rains. Great for doggie-paddling, water sports and evenings on the boat. Design-wise, the jacket comes in the bright, highly visible red color with reflective trims during evening and night use. Choose from any size between extra-small to extra-large.


  • versatile,
  • works as a vest,
  • rain jacket, and coat,
  • stylish and slim fit,


  • nylon straps and not flotation for underside support.

#5. Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket from EzyDog

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This floatation device from EzyDog is a highly rated, mid-price vest for the beach and the boat. It has extra ultra-buoyant materials too keep your pet perfectly balanced, guaranteeing top-performing floatation and life vest versatility.

The EzyDog DFD has 50% more flotation material. It also has nylon d-rings to which you can attach a leash. There are reflective trims to keep them visible in low light, and the easy-to-grab, center-weighted handles make it simple to carry your dog. Underneath are the neoprene belly straps for a custom, secure, ergonomic, comfortable fit.


  • 50% more floatation materials,
  • ergonomic fit,
  • neoprene belly straps


  • doesn’t have a tapered back but a square one instead,
  • limited size range-XXS size not included

#6. The Dog Life Jacket from PetCee

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The Quick-Release Life Jacket from PetCee is an affordable, cute fashion jacket. It has this one cool extra float that sits right under the dog’s chin, to give them extra support when holding their heads above water.

This best vest for dog might look thin but is designed to be rugged, durable and comfortable too. The design includes three different straps – two that go around the belly and one more that goes around the chest so that the jacket stays in place no matter what.

All three straps have a quick-release buckle for easier wear and removal. There are five versions on the jacket – the normal version comes in pink and blue, the pink design/costume versions with a mermaid tail and the blue version with attached shark fin.

The jacket has a reflective trim on all five options mentioned earlier, and a D-ring to attach a leash to. On the top, you will find the rescue grab handle.

The main advantage of this jacket design is the secure neck float for more relaxed swimming. All straps are nylon and are easily adjustable with quick-release buckles.The jacket is made with oxford clothes, smooth lining, green foam board and is washable.


  • vest design includes a chin float,
  • affordable,
  • well- constructed,
  • several styles and colors,
  • easy wash, adjustable nylon straps,
  • Velcro fastening system


  • needs to be tested out in shallow waters,
  • chin guard can interfere with the swimming pattern of small breeds,
  • chin guard is impractical for big breeds

#7. The Camo Pet Life Preserver from Onemore Choice

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This Camo Life Preserver is made to be a heavy-duty life jacket for dog and has that awesome camouflage print too. It can even be used in case of fowl retrieving dogs and can keep your pet hidden from ducks, geese or anything else you might be hunting.

It has several features that ensure a comfortable, yet snug fit – three straps that go around the belly and chest respectively. These straps have quick-release buckles on that make the jacket easier to put on and take off.The belly portion of the vest is made using breathable mesh for the highest level in comfort.

The handle is stitched, features a D-ring on the back for holding your dog either with a leash or with your hand.


  • reflective trims,
  • suited for hunting dogs too,
  • essential features included,
  • breathable mesh belly panel


  • not suited for stronger,
  • heavier dogs as the D-ring and handles aren’t strong enough,
  • needs more material in chest area for certain breeds

#8. Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest w/Fin from SwimWays

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This SwimWays Dog Vest is both functional and fun, as it has this little dorsal fin on the back! Yet, the vest still has those key features that could save your dog in the water like metal D-ring to which you can clip your dog’s leash. Then there’s that top handle that lies perpendicularly to your dog’s body instead of aligning along its back.

It has two belly straps and a chest strap, all of which feature quick-release buckles. The jacket is better suited for the pool or lake-side frolicking and not exactly for choppy, ocean waters.

The vest is available for small dogs weighing anywhere between 10 to 20 pounds and for medium dogs weighing anywhere between 20 and 50 pounds.


  • D-ring,
  • back handle,
  • chest flap and strap,
  • ideal for pool use


  • better suited for light use,
  • only small to medium sizes, not suited for big dogs

#9. Dog Life Jacket Vest Saver Safety Swimsuit Preserver with Reflective Stripes from HAOCOO

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The HAOCOO Life Jacket is a top-quality life preserver, that comes in an assortment of colors and styles. Designs include the standard life jackets to fun styles that resemble lobsters, sharks, mermaids.

No matter what you choose, each style has been made using top-notch materials like mesh fabric, rip-stop nylon fabric, high-grade polyester oxford, pearl cotton foam. Two belly straps and chest straps with quick-release clips and reflective strips.

A handle has been included on the back, with a D-ring just next to it so you can go from water mode to land mode instantly.

The front float assists in keeping dog’s head above water, mesh fiber allows for quick drying and proper drainage – and you can choose from five different sizes ranging from S to XXL.The life jacket for dog not only has velcro but clips too so that it won’t come off or get loose.


  • lots of sizes available,
  • quirky designs,
  • D-ring, back handle,
  • well made and lightweight construction,
  • front float assist for the head,
  • reflective strips,
  • adjustable belt,
  • very buoyant,
  • value for money


  • design jackets can interfere with swimming,
  • suited for short term and light use, tough sizing problems

#10. Dog Saver Inflatable Adjustable Life Jacket from PETLESO

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The Petleso Inflatable Life Jacket is one more good option, pretty basic but gets the job done anyway. Not only is it a padded life jacket, but it comes with airbags that you can fill to add more buoyancy, comfort, and security.

This jacket also has a breathable belly band and other features that you’ll need like D-ring, wide handle, leash attachment, adjustable straps. When your dog is done swimming, simply fold up the jacket and store away in a beach bag, wardrobe or any other place. Then inflate the bags again when you have to use to jacket.

The vest has been made out of this innovative built-in PVC material aerated airbag that offers more floating power when compared against foam jacket. That extra buoyancy also supports the head, neck too.

It has Ripstop Nylon and ventilate-terylene lining inside for free movement, and inflatable soft liner and a large breathable belly band with velcro and straps.

The jacket comes in the popular fluorescent color for low-light visibility, complete with reflective stripes, adjustable high-quality buckle, stronger D-ring leash hoop.


  • Inflatable,
  • Easy to store,
  • Bright color,
  • Easy to adjust,
  • Breathable,
  • Ripstop nylon material,
  • small, medium and large,
  • back handle,
  • reflective trim


  • Not that many sizes,
  • only one color

#11. Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding from Vivaglory

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The makers of this Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket put a lot of thought into this design. This begins with the use of durable material to lots of bright, vivid colors, reflective trims too. Bright colors and trims make it easier for you to spot your dog at night.

The jacket also has a sturdy handle, a front float that can be removed to release neck pressure, lots of padding for better floatation. It’s also easy to adjust and has a sturdy belly band for extra comfort.

This best life jacket for dog has now been upgraded with ripstop 600D oxford cloth, to make it more durable than others. And it’s been built with extra padding for 50% more flotation along with a heavy-duty yet more comfortable fastening system underneath and on the neck area. Strong grab handle on the top makes it easy to guide and protect your dog, the adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles ensure the perfect fit.


  • Invisible D-ring,
  • Removable front float,
  • Durable,
  • Lightweight and non-restrictive,
  • Reflective details and bright colors,
  • nighttime enhanced visibility


  • Not always stable,
  • Weaker seams,
  • light use,
  • velcro strap sticks to underneath,
  • thin chin panel

#12. Dog Life Jacket from PlayaPup

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The life jacket from PlayaPup will ensure the best levels of flotation and safety when your dog is in the water. It has been made out of water-resistant neoprene, and this outer cover is fitted with EVA foam filling for maximum softness, comfort, and buoyancy. The jacket features two adjustable underbelly straps that have strong double Velcro, buckle closures for a super-secure fit and won’t come undone easily.

This is a plus for a dog that’s very active or is swimming in medium to rough waters. One con is that the XXS and XS life jackets have just one of these underbelly area straps. Overall there is a mesh on the underbelly and around the neck for better breathability, comfort and to ensure that water flows in and out – preventing the jacket from getting heavy or waterlogged.

There is a flotation pack just under the neck, head to keep this part of the dog above water level. It is safe for the dog to wear this best life jacket for dog at night, due to better visibility because of the reflective accents added on them. Plus, you have the strong grab handle on top, a D-ring for strapping on a leash close to this for guiding your dog.

The jacket is however on the thinner side and may not be suitable for deeper, harsher water for both small to larger dogs.

  • Pros:
  • D-ring,
  • grab handle,
  • fun colors,
  • lots of sizes, affordable


  • smaller sizes have one underbelly strap,
  • sizing issues,
  • webbing & velcro need to be longer

#13. Reflective Waterproof, Windproof,Outdoor Fleece Winter Dog Jacket from PetLoft

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This best life jacket for dog is a multipurpose coat with a 2-in-1 feature – it is designed with this detachable soft fleece lining that makes the jacket perfect for cold weather. This sheet can be removed during warmer weather and works as a stylish dog jacket that’s perfect for outdoor adventures, protecting your pal against rain, snow, wind, and cold.

Without the fleece lining, the jacket can be used as a raincoat and a jacket for shallow waters. Since there is no floatation filling, it might not work as a life jacket, but doesn’t soak up too much water and works well for rainy days.

It has a snap button that makes it easier, faster to put on the jacket, with that you have two small pockets, one hidden cap, and one build-in leash hole. The reflective strap at back ensures safety at nighttime and the stretchable elastic design permits a custom fit. Also, you have features like the D-Ring that works with harnesses, collars.

The material is thick and durable, with Velcro on the neck and snaps on the belly. Underneath there is enough space so that the dog can relieve himself without messing up the jacket.The material is lightweight, decent quality for the price.


  • multi-use,
  • opening for D-ring and harness, true to size,
  • adjustable easy to use,
  • value for money,
  • elastic underside,
  • two rows of snaps buckles


  • neck strap can be too short for some breeds,
  • not suited for lakes

#14. Adjustable Dog Waterproof Life Jacket/ Saddle Bag for Outdoor, Hiking, Camping fromLessbad

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This best life jacket for dog has been made using high-grade nylon and filled with pearl-cotton foam. This kind of construction makes it soft, comfortable, waterproof, safe and durable. It even has pockets – that you can use for storing dog food, first aid kit, poop bags, toys and can be worn by small to medium dogs.

The foam panels offer intensive buoyancy and added support for the dog’s natural swimming position.Adjustable straps and soft-mesh lined undersides make for a custom, comfortable fit, along with a padded handle and heavy-duty metal ring for easy control.

The jacket offers the best versatility with a 2 in 1 pack where you can convert it from a Dog Saddlebag to a Dog Life Jacket. Then its ideally suited for camping, walks by the sea, swimming traveling and backpacking trips!And finally, for easier control, you have a padded handle and heavy-duty metal ring.


  • High-grade nylon,
  • waterproof,
  • lightweight,
  • Padded pearl cotton foam,
  • Adjustable straps,
  • easy wear, and use,
  • padded handle and heavy-duty metal ring,
  • versatile,


  • suitable for most medium and large dogs


There are plenty of best life jackets for dogs from many brands – each one unique in their own right. What fits one dog might not suit another, so you have to experiment with jackets before you find the right one for Fido! Start with our review list to get a better idea of how to do that.

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