Are You Looking For The Best River Float Tubes

Are you looking for the best river float tubes for floating the river?  Whether your heading riverside or lakeside, you will find the best river float tubes in our detailed review and guide.

Since the weather’s warming up and summer is around the corner, we’re all ready for some fun on the water.  A fun addition to your vacation is a good old tube for floating down the river or in the pool.  The best river float tubes are versatile, durable and comfortable.  They can even be used for lake lounging, pools, oceans,  river runs, and maybe even snow.

To get the best value go for a heavy duty river tube as these will last longer.

Here is our quick list of the Top 2 Best River Float Tube without details

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Best River Float Tube Reviews 2021

The right floats could make all that difference, from having fun and without the worry about sinking. They make great accessories for people who might not have good swimming skills.  Here are some of our River Float Tube picks; you’ll find styles to suit all tastes.

#1. River Run I Inflatable Water Floating Tubes from INTEX

The River Run River Float Tube is one of the most popular on the market and with good reason.  It’s the right size to hold most adults and kids should fit without falling through.

Time spent in the pool or at the lake is made more fun with this Intex River Run I inflatable water tube. The built-in backrest provides easy cruising and the mesh bottom will keep you cool. For safety, it has been constructed with five air chambers, an attached all-around grab or tug rope and safety handles for added grip.

One built-in cup holder to keep your refreshments nearby as you relax in the water and easy-to-use connectors are included for fastening it to other Intex River Runs.


  • Comfortable backrests and mesh bottom,
  • All-around grab robe,
  • 2 durable grab handles,
  • 2 built-in cup holders, 5 five air chambers,
  • Featuring the Connect ‘n Float System,
  • Approximate deflated size: 95.5in x 62in, Includes repair batch


  • easy to confuse the inflation/deflation valves

Value for Money

This best River Float tube is suited for kids and for pool/waterpark-type of places that don’t have fast rough rivers. You’ll appreciate the mesh bottom, as kids aren’t likely to fall through and the handles ensure that they don’t float too far away.

It has a inflation/deflation valve that has two parts that screw on and off. It’s easy to confuse them, where you could end up trying to fill the tube through the deflation valve. If you have problems inflating the tube, then check that it is being done right.

Floating over branches, smooth rocks may feel bumpy, but you never have to worry about tearing. The good news is that you can even buy the float in double or triple units as well.

Great Heavy Duty River Tube

#2. Orange 48″ Premium River Tube with Handles from Tube Pro

Tube Pro is known for making some of the best heavy duty river tubes for use in water parks, snow, rivers, and towable boats.  Also for home use and for tubing resorts, canoe livery outfitters, amusement parks and recreational boaters as well.

This 48-inch orange river tube is a simpler design and is made using extra heavy duty 30-gauge blue PVC vinyl.  Designed for a single rider, it has two air chambers – the safety chamber and the main chamber with the Boston valve. Then it also has 2 large support handles and a 16″ (40 cm) inner diameter hole.


  • 48″ (120 cm) inflated outer diameter,
  • 52″ (130 cm) deflated outer diameter,
  • Heavy Duty 30-gauge PVC vinyl, 2 air chambers,
  • 2 large support handles


  • tough manual inflation,

Value for Money

We’ve got nothing but good things to say about this tube, but if you’re buying this then go for the bigger, thicker ones. This has to be the thickest vinyl ever and we’re sure it can withstand trees, sticks, and being dragged over stumps or rocks easily. It even features a patch kit in case of punctures, and a small emergency bladder you inflate first and the main chamber.

The valves handle all seem pretty well built for this price and do last you a very long time. You could buy a canvas cover to use with it, although it really doesn’t need it. The only problem is that you’ll have a hard time finding an air pump that fits the inflation valve yet and blowing it up manually seems to take forever. After that, however, the tube works great and is easy to mount even if you’re open water and not able to stand.

A great heavy duty river tube.

Best Tubes for River Tubing

#3.  Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider River Tube

The Bestway CoolerZ River float tube is really quite a sturdy unit.  You can use it for floating down a river or having fun in your pool.  The backrest is just the right height so you can really relax on a warm, sunny day.  Having a mesh bottom makes it safe for kids and adventurous dogs so they don’t fall through.

This river float tube has a 53″ diameter and two handles where you actually put your hands.  A good value unit for floating.

The only concern is the inflation tube is on the bottom of the float tube.  This can be a problem if floating in a river and it snags on something.  Putting the value at the bottom stops you scraping yourself when getting in.


  • Mesh bottom lets you get wet without falling through
  • Comfortable backrest
  • 2 durable grab handles,
  • 2 built-in cup holders,
  • Includes repair batch


  • The cup holders aren’t really big enough to hold a can
  • Inflation valve on the bottom

Value for Money

This is one of the best river float tube for the money.  The tube is sturdy and easy to get in and out of.  The mesh bottom lets you get wet without the fear of falling in.  This is really good if you have kids or dogs wanting to go tubing.

The backrest is a good height and strong enough to keep you upright.  Particularly good if you just want to float and read a book.

Having 2 drink holders is great but these aren’t really big enough to hold even a small can.  It would be better to have one proper size drink holder than 2 that don’t work.

The inflation value is on the bottom of the river tube.  This could be a problem if it snags on anything in a river, however, it is also good as you don’t scratch yourself on it getting in and out.

There are some slight design flaws but it is a good value river tube.

Final Words on the Best River Float Tubes

There are many different shapes and sizes of river float tubes.  We have only reviewed the 3 that we think are of the best quality and value.

The Intex float tube is a good allrounder that you should get many summer days action in.  It suits adults and kids and can be used in the river and the pool.  Tube Pro make an excellent heavy duty river tube that is suitable for river runs and towing.

Finally, the Bestway CoolerZ is a cheaper option that still gives you a lot of fun in the sun.  The mesh bottom makes it safe for kids and pets to ride in.

The best river float tube is the one that suits your needs and budget.  Using our recommendations and guide should give you peace of mind you are getting a great value float tube.

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