6 Best Life Jacket for Canoeing 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Life Jackets for Canoeing 2021 : Do you want to get yourself into the world of canoeing? If yes, then one of the first things that you need to understand is a life jacket. All of us have heard about life jackets that come to our help when we accidentally fall into the water. It is actually considered illegal to go canoeing without wearing a life jacket. So, one should keep themselves prepared by getting a good life jacket.

Currently, the market keeps on having new gears when it comes to adventure sports. People who regularly go on canoeing trips should have a jacket that will stay with them for a long time. With proper research, we have found some of the best life jackets that are available in the market right now. Let us know a little about these models and the reasons for which you should go by anyone of them.

Best Life Jackets for Canoeing reviews 2021

#1. Astral Norge Life Jacket PFD for Canoeing:

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Astral Norge has brought to you this attractive personal floating device that keeps you afloat if you fall into the water. It is considered the best life jacket as it contains organic Kapok as well as PE foam inserts, which helps you not to sink. The jacket also has a Buoyancy rating of 17.4 pounds.

We have kept it at the top as you get almost everything out of it. The jacket is quite comfortable as it fits your body form and you can get it in different sizes. Durability is always a concern, and the top of the jacket is made from Denier Ripstop Nylon, which is known for its strength.

Several useful pockets are also found in this model where you can keep your knife or other essential items. On top of everything, the jacket is free from toxic PVC, so it is suitable for nature, and you can even recycle it.


  • Great for safety and has a USCG Type III approval.
  • The Jacket takes the form of your body, and you can adjust it.
  • Comfortable on your body and lets you breathe.
  • It lasts for a long time because of the materials used.
  • Pockets have a fleece lining to provide your hands with warmth.
  • Available in multiple sizes and two colors.
  • Manufactured by keeping nature first.
  • One can recycle the jacket.


  • Expensive, but you get a jacket with fantastic quality.
  • It takes a little while to break into the pockets.

#2. O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest:

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Sometimes, we just want to have a fuss-free life jacket. One of the essential things about wearing a PFD is that it should save you, but the materials often add bulk to the product. This jacket from O’Neill promises to be lightweight. It is crafted from USCG Approved Type III Nylon PFD, which primarily makes it light and comfortable.

Another great thing about this life vest is the availability of sizes. You do not need to scavage to find your size. The design is US Coast Guard approved, so you can easily take it on your next canoeing trip. As it is made of Nylon, the company assures that it will last for a long time.

Marine foam has been included in this vest, which helps it to float. There are webbing belts on either side that enables you to adjust the jacket so that it sits perfectly well on your body. It even has drain holes, which helps it to get rid of the water.


  • The vest is extremely lightweight at just 5 pounds.
  • You can get it in numerous different sizes.
  • The usage of Nylon makes it durable as well as light at the same time.
  • It is approved by US Coast Guards.
  • Belts help in adjusting the jacket to your body.


  • There are no pockets because of the adjustable straps which help in ensuring safety.
  • Following the size chart is significant as it differs from the clothing sizes.

#3. Rave Youth Nylon Personal Flotation Device:

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Is your kid looking forward to the adventure trip? If yes, then do get this life vest for them to make it even safer. The bright color of the vest ensures that you will be able to find your child when they are canoeing and also if they fall into the water. On top of that, the jacket is also quite comfortable for the child.

This is meant for kids or youths having a chest size between 25” to 29”. So, you can quickly get it for your teenager. The design is approved by the US Coast Guards, so you can be assured about the quality and safety. Nylon is the material of construction, and it adds durability to the jacket. Along with that, the foam filling helps the jacket to remain afloat. This also a Type II PFD.

Adjustable buckles are also present on the vest to make it more comfortable, and they will undoubtedly remain locked. Rave also provides large armholes, so that the child doesn’t get any hindrance in hand movements. Apart from being lightweight, this life vest is actually quite affordable.


  • The vest is absolutely safe for a child or youth and helps them to keep afloat.
  • It has been approved by the US coast guards.
  • There are adjustable buckles to make the vest more comfortable.
  • Youths with a chest size between 25”-29” can utilize this vest.
  • Nylon makes this jacket lightweight and durable.
  • Rave has made the jacket quite affordable.
  • Neon colors make it look more attractive.


  • It is not meant for everyday swimming purposes.
  • Do not buy this if your kid is too small and doesn’t meet the proper chest size criteria.

#4. Hardcore Water Sports Life Jacket Vests:

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Let us be real, most of us aren’t really interested in enjoying adventure sports daily. So, it is evident that you wouldn’t be getting a professional-grade life jacket for canoeing as they do cost a lot. Instead, you can go for this life vest from Hardcore water sports as they are known for their quality. They have kept their products at a low price, yet they use superior quality materials for construction.

If you are going on the canoeing trip with your family, then this vest is available in several different sizes and also in plus-sized versions. Bright colors complement your looks and provide better visibility when you are in the water. This Type III PFD is US Coast Guard approved, so you can buy it without giving much thought.

Polyester Cordura fabric, as well as PE foam, has been utilized in this life vest, providing top-notch quality. The vest is quite lightweight, and you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable while you are canoeing. It has been specially designed in the US so that it fits the purpose and quality. If you want to have a better fit, use the adjustable buckles.


  • It is available in several sizes.
  • The quality of the vest is fantastic.
  • It can be used in several water sports.
  • Hardcore has provided affordable pricing.
  • Polyester Cordura fabric and foam make the vest lightweight and durable.
  • Even the kids can use it.
  • You may adjust the comfortability with the buckles.
  • US Coast Guards have approved the design.
  • Visibility is increased due to the bright colors.
  • Beginners at water sports will love this vest.


  • Follow the size chart to get the right vest for you.
  • Proper care is needed to maintain the vest.

#5. FLYDWV Fly Fishing Life Jacket Kayaking Water Suspension Life Jacket:

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Are you fond of carrying things with you during adventure sports sessions? If yes, then this life vest can be the best life jacket for canoeing that you can get. This jacket is primarily meant for those who like to go canoe fishing. As you may be aware, fishing requires you to carry different things, and this vest happens to have a lot of pockets.

As soon as you lay your eyes on this jacket, you will know that it is made to last. 210D Premium Oxford Cloth has been utilized for construction to add durability to the vest, and it is waterproofed. The EPE Buyouncy foam filling ensures the floating feature of the jacket. There is even an emergency whistle in this jacket to call for help in case of need.

Adjustability is an important feature when it comes to jackets; in this model, you can tweak the height as well as the width. So, the company lets you personalize the vest according to your level of comfort. They are also ready to take it back within 15 days if you are unhappy about the product.

You can get it in several colors according to your taste. If you are a beginner, it is better to go with a bright color like red or orange. To ensure safety, there are reflective stripes on the back of the jacket to increase visibility.


  • Amazing survival-based design ensures the ultimate safety of the user.
  • Exceptional materials have been used for construction.
  • Individuals who enjoy canoe fishing will love the multi-pocket design.
  • The upper Oxford cloth layer is waterproof.
  • Adjustability is an excellent feature in this jacket.
  • It can be used for multiple adventure sports.
  • There are reflective stripes on the back.
  • Available in attractive color options.
  • You get it at an extremely affordable price.


  • Not USCG–approved, but you can easily use it for usual water sports.
  • Check the size capacity thoroughly before placing an order.

#6. Lixada Fly Fishing Vest Breathable Padded Superior 209lb Bearing Life Safety Jacket:

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Lixada brings for us, a one of a kind life vest that is especially appropriate for those who enjoy canoe fishing. The first thing that attracts you towards this vest is the sheer number of pockets present in it. These help you to store a lot of things that you require during fishing. You can even keep your cellphone or other gadgets as the vest is waterproofed.

Before ordering, make sure that you weigh below 209 pounds, which is the maximum limit for this vest. The shell is made from high-quality polyester, whereas EPE foam forms the filling, which helps in floating. In total, there are 11 different pockets in this vest, making it one of the most useful PFDs that a canoer can get.

Life vests are often known for their less breathability because they are primarily made from synthetic materials. But, you won’t be feeling that in this jacket as it has a mesh layer on the back and the sides to help the air pass through smoothly. Also, the vest has open teams, so you wouldn’t be restricted while rowing or canoeing.

To keep you safe, the company has added reflectors to the back of the vest as well as on the shoulder pads. There are adjustable straps in this vest, which allows you to make the jacket fit according to your body. It is available in several different colors, which is excellent for our different tastes.


  • Perfect life vests for those who enjoy fishing.
  • 11 pockets make it easier to carry things.
  • There are adjustable belts to get a comfortable fit.
  • Air mesh layers help you to breathe throughout your journey.
  • It is made of durable material.
  • EPE foam present in the jacket provides excellent buoyancy.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Reflectors help in making the jacket safer.


  • It is not USCG approved, so professionals may not use it, but people who like canoeing and kayaking, in general, can definitely use it.
  • Keep the size requirements in mind while ordering.


So, here are some of the best life jacket for canoeing that you can purchase right now. All of them have a unique set of features, which make them perfect for their job. While ordering a life jacket, you should remember your purpose as well as pick the right size. Do proper research to know more about a life jacket or PFD that is recommended for canoeing. We have chosen the products very carefully, and you can easily order them online at an affordable price. Trust us with our choice, and we are sure that you will have a life jacket that stays with you for long.

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