Best Life jacket for fishing 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Life jacket for fishing 2020 : A life jacket is a must-have for fishing. A simple reason is that it provides fantastic reliability and can save your life without any exaggeration. Not just fishing, a life jacket also keeps you safe during other activities on the water such as kayaking, swimming or boating.

Life jackets are available at different prices with different features, some are cheaper with fewer features, others are expensive with advanced features. Well! whatever be the case, this buying guide includes some of the best life jackets for fishing. Further, it will also tell you the types of life jackets and the important things that you should consider while buying a life jacket for fishing.

Best Life jacket for fishing Reviews 2020

So what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and unveil the list of best life jacket  for fishing, furthermore, the article also includes a compact buying guide about the life jackets.

#1. ABSOLUTE OUTDOOR Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

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The ABSOLUTE OUTDOOR Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket can be your perfect fishing partner. This inflatable life jacket is an ideal choice for a person of 16-years and above. Featuring a soft neoprene neckline, this stylish life jacket can bear weight over 80 lbs. This smartly built life jacket is perfect for all body types. It automatically inflates up immersion in water or when the wearer pulls the “jerk to inflate” handle/equipped with back-Up oral inflation.

It is convertible from auto/manual inflation to manual only inflation/comfortable, lightweight and low profile design. The life jacket boasts durable fabric that resists tears and punctures/not recommended for non-swimmers or weak swimmers. With a minimum buoyancy of 22.5 lbs, it is approved by U.S. Coast Guard. It is a personal floatation device that falls under the Floatation Aids means Type-III of Life Jackets. It also features a stretchable flex-back insert. This floatation device is built with smart technology that makes it easy to wear and keep your body sweat-free. You can easily convert this jacket from automatic/manual to manual only inflation.


  • Easy to wear and keeps your body sweat-free
  • Suitable for fishing, boating and swimming
  • Perfect for all body shapes


  • Not as reliable as other products of similar range

#2. SALVS Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket for Kayak, Fishing, Sailing

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Here’s another smart life jacket for fashing that will keep you safe while fishing as well as make sure to keep your style up to the mark. It’s an automatic or manual inflatable life jacket that provides full mobility without compromising on quality and safety. As per the user reviews, this PFD is ideal for kayaking, fishing as well as sailing and watercraft offshore. It provides a universal comfort fit for men and women and is fully adjustable along the waist and back weighing less than 2lbs. This inflatable life jacket is US coast guard-approved. Thus, it is extremely safe to use. Featuring a soft neoprene neckline it is extremely comfortable to wear all day. Once you pull the handle cord, this life jacket hardly takes 3.5 seconds to get inflated. Besides, the jacket can also get automatically inflated when immersed in water. This smartly built life jacket provides safety and comfortable as per your requirement. With 100% customer satisfaction, this jacket is known for its superb customer service and 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Superb customer service and great quality product
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Increases mobility


  • Not approved by coast guards
  • Not comfortable around neck

#3. Astral Ronny Life Jacket PFD for Recreation, Fishing

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The Astral Ronny Life Jacket PFD for recreation, fishing and other deepwater activities. When it comes to safety, it is an ideal life jacket. With a steam vent design at the back and the multiple pockets at the front, it offers ultimate comfort and functionality. This jacket falls under the Type-III category of life jackets. The buoyancy rating of this type III jacket is 16 pounds so that it won’t let you sink in case of emergency, means that you don’t have to worry about staying afloat in case your boat capsizes.

Featuring PE form in it, this jacket is USCG-approved thereby you don’t have to worry about its quality and safety. This could be a perfect life jacket for recreational activities. The back panel of this stylish life jacket is made of a super-thin mesh and foam so that you remain cool even during the most strenuous of activities. With this smart feature, you can also lean back comfortably with taller kayak and canoe seats. It features a breathable liner thus it is a preferred choice of active kayak anglers. It keeps you cool as well as comfortable during your fishing adventures. Let us also tell you that this life jacket is made with nature-friendly material and is completely free of PVC and other toxic materials.


  • Ensures longevity
  • Equipped with multiple storage pockets
  • Perfect for big guys


  • Gets bulky sometimes

#4. O’Neill Men’s Reactor USCG Life Vest

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The O’Neil Men’s Reactor USCG Life Vest is made of Neoprene-bonded panels: 100% polyester and features mesh panels of 100% polyester, means you can hand wash it in cold water or dip dry as per your convenience. The segmented foam core and anatomical flex points allow unrestricted movement. The minimal bulk design allows full mobility. It features a full zip-up front with dual seatbelt buckles. It is equipped with a closed Cell PVC Marine Foam that keeps you afloat.

This stylish life jacket boasts trendy brand graphics throughout thereby it doesn’t only keep you safe but also makes sure that your style is up to the mark. It is approved by US-coast guard. Neoprene vests are meant to fit fairly snugly when dry. They must fit snug. The key feature of this life jacket is, when neoprene gets wet it expands so for the vest to fit properly it needs to be snug. Moreover, we can say that it is a perfect fit for water sports enthusiasts who wants some room to move.


  • Ensures full mobility
  • High safety standards
  • Perfect fit for water sport enthusiasts


  • Straps get tangled while fishing
  • It doesn’t have some feature to make it more comfortable but on the other hand the jacket is durable

#5. ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket, Tan

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Here’s another feature-rich life jacket for fishing enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a great value product, this Kayak Fishing life jacket by ONYX will be perfect for you. ONYX has made sure to feature a lot of pockets in this life jacket so that the person who wears it can have full access to the tools. The best part is that all the pockets are zipped thus you don’t have to worry about your belongings at all. It also has an opening top pocket that let radios, pliers, and other pieces of equipment to slip down and clamp securely to your vest, keeping them easily accessible. The multiple functions that hold your essential gear make your entire fishing experience one of fun and ease.

This jacket is very comfortable that people don’t even feel it on their body. Most of them even forget to remove it after leaving the water. It has a comfortable high back that doesn’t get in the way of your Kayak seats. Lastly, the life jacket features a mesh back that ensures breathability.


  • Extremely comfortable and high quality
  • Perfect for professional fishermen
  • Great flexibility for recreational activities


  • Plastic zipper

#6. Stohlquist Fisherman Personal Floatation Device

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This Type-III life jacket is specially designed for safety and comfort. While keeping all your necessary equipment closer to you, this stylish jacket ensures to protect you. This could be a perfect life jacket for fishing enthusiasts. This life jacket allows you to easily organize and place all your little things thus it is ideal for the ones who are searching for a vest with excellent cockpit management.

It features a high back flotation thus comfortable seating is ensured. It is made with open sides for convenient ventilation. The flotation device by Stohlquist is easy to maintain and can be cleaned and maintained with minimum efforts. You can simply wash it at home with regular soap and water. The anchor points and multiple pockets of this life jacket which makes it possibly the best life vest for Kayak fishing.


  • Ensures easy access to tools
  • Perfect for new swimmers
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Bother you when you cast

#7. FLYDWV Fly Fishing Life Jacket Kayaking Water Suspension Life Jacket

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This Fly Fishing Life Jacket is extremely smart and stylish. This best life jacket for fishing is available in universal adult sizes and is 100% adjustable. It is built with smart technology and equipped with smart features to keep your items well organized and quickly accessible at your fishing. Moreover, this life jacket is perfect for fishing, sailing, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and swimming. It features a super light quality mesh that doesn’t let you feel the jacket on your body. Boasting an adjustable belt, this jacket let the people wear it as per their convenience. With multi-pocket structure, this jacket can hold almost everything that you need for fishing or other water-based activities.

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  • Keeps the tools handy
  • Advanced adjustment features
  • Serves good value for your money


  • Material is not very reliable

Types Of Life Jackets

Since we’re talking about life jackets, it is important to understand the various types of life jackets before actually buying one. The different types of jackets life jackets come with different types of features. Scroll down to know each type of life jacket and choose which type will fir your needs.

  • Offshore Life Jacket (Type-I)

The Offshore Life Jacket, also known as Type-I life jacket, is the most common type which is suitable for all kinds of water. This type of jacket is already inflated and made of bulky foam. While featuring bright colours, most Offshore Life Jacket also consists of reflective tape. The main feature of Offshore life jacket is that the person faces up if unconscious. However, type-I jackets are not suitable for calm water.

  • Near-Shore Vests (Type-II)

The Near-shore jacket is also known as Type-II life jacket. The Near-Shore Vests are not suitable for open water. Also, the Type-II jackets are quite cheaper than the Type-I. These jackets are perfect for fishing in calm rivers or lakes, boating etc. Unlike Type-I, these jackets will not make sure to keep your face up in case of any emergency. Lastly, these jackets are very bulky and most people don’t feel comfortable with the level of freedom these jackets provide.

  • Floatation Aids (Type-III)

The Floatation Aids are made for perfect rescuing. Also known as Type-III life jackets, in the Floatation Aids, the person doesn’t get many restraints by the life jackets. On the other hand, these jackets are also very comfortable.

  • Throwable Devices (Type-IV)

The Type-IV PFDs are used as a backup to the Floatation aids, that is type-III life jackets. In other words, the throwable device is not made for unconscious people or non-swimmers but for avid swimmers who just need a back up to their flotation aids. These devices majorly include ring buoys or cushions that are thrown into the water.

  • Special-uses Devices (Type-V)

As the names suggest, the Special-Uses Devices are meant to be used for some special activities. The special-uses devices are also known as Type-V jackets, you can keep all the special life jackets in this category for example life jackets for dogs.

Standard Or Inflatable PFDs: Which is better?

The primary task of a life jacket is to use a piece of foam to provide adequate floatation on water and keep the person safe. Thereby, inflatable life vests can be a different option for fishing. You can make a choice based on your requirements. Here we have highlighted major differences between Standards PFDs and Inflatable PFDs so that you can understand which one is better for you.

  • Standard PFD

The standard PFDs contain foam in them and shaped into panels and are commonly used in Kayaking. Most of the manufacturers prefer to contour the panels to add extra comfort. Since these standard PFDs are inherently buoyant, they provide perfect floatation without any manual instructions.

Additionally, standards PFDs are very reliable and chances of them failing are very rare. On the other hand, the standard PFDs don’t even require much maintenance. All it requires is to keep them clean and store them out of the Sun. Lastly, the major benefit of standard PFDs is that they offer more storage space than the inflatable PFDs.

  • Inflatable PFD

Inflatable PFDs are known to have a smart and slim profile. Unlike standard PFDs, inflatable PFDs provide you with great freedom of movement and let you perform various on-water activities comfortably. The inflatable PFDs can be inflated in two ways: 1. when you pull a draw tab, or automatically when the vest is submerged in water.

Inflatable life jackets are recommended for week swimmers or children.


Now after you’ve carefully gone through this whole buying guide, you’re aware of why a life jacket is important for you and what you should keep in mind while buying it. We hope that the list of best life jackets for fishing was helpful enough for you and you end up choosing the best life jacket to enhance your fishing experience next time.

According to the statistics, a faulty life jacket can cause many drownings. Hence, last but not the least, you should always check that the life jacket you’re buying is coast-guard approved. Considering the number of drowning cases, it is advisable to always pick a jacket that is approved by the coast guard.

Material is also an important factor that should be considered while buying any product online. In offline shopping, you get an option to check the material in hand before actually buying the product. But in online shopping you don’t get that option, thus you should carefully read the reviews and features of the products. Especially, when it comes to life jackets, the material becomes even important because everyone desire to buy a best life jacket for fishing with maximum durability and long life.

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