Best life jacket for sailing 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best life jacket for sailing 2021 : One of the most adrenalin and fun-filled water-filled activity is sailing, but it comes with its hazards. It is pretty evident that you are on the water, but it is also possible that you can land inside the water. If you are in a smaller space with lesser water, you can start to swim right away, but chances are a simple slip can make you land inside the water in a jiffy.

And this is why you need a life jacket. The life jacket will keep you afloat till the time the rescue team or the lifeguard reaches you. The life fest will also help you in getting back to the boat if you can’t spend your energy swimming, it will help you in staying afloat. So, in other words, it will help you concentrate on breathing and other survival tasks until you are rescued. By now, it is established that sailing is an active sport, and it involves loads and loads of complex tasks as well as movements. This why the life jacket shouldn’t be heavy, and it should not restrict your actions, as well as the life jacket should provide excellent support in the water.

Best Life Jackets for Sailing: Our Top Picks

All the water sports enthusiast no that one crucial investment that they need to make to pursue these sports is a life jacket. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or whether you have just started, buying and wearing a life jacket during a trip on a boat with your friends/ family is a necessity.

If you are planning to buy a life jacket, one major issue which you will face will be the number of life jackets available in the market. So, how will you choose the best life jacket? There are so many things you need to keep in mind while buying one, like the safety features, price, comfort. Keep in mind that when you are on the water, you are away from the dock, and you need something which will give you the confidence that you are safe and something will protect you from drowning.

With the number of options available in the market, it can be challenging to find something which will fit your needs. But the good news is, we have done all the brainwork and have formulated a list of the best life jackets available in the market.

#1. O’Neill Men’s Superlight USCG Life Vest

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This is one of the most versatile life jacket for sailing, which can be used for all kinds of water activities, be it swimming, tubing, sailing ad boating. The life vest by O’Neill is available in various sizes and colours. It is a lightweight and stylish jacket and one of the jackets which have a relaxed-fitting.

Another reason why it is preferred among the users is because of its streamlined designs. The vest is made to provide the user with ultimate protection as well as allowing them to move around freely. This vest has a very fresh, sporty look, and the exterior shell of the O’Neill life vest is made up of durable coated polyester, and the inner of the jacket is made up of polyethylene foam. The jacket is comfortable as well as breathable. It is available in a size range of small to 4XL, and the price is between $35 to $68. If you are someone who is a fan of water sports which asks you to perform a lot of movements like water skiing, kayaking, wake boarding and you are looking for vests that are lightweight, comfortable and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket, then this is one vest which you can consider.


  • The vest has approval from US coast Guard
  • The vest has a very relaxed fit and is comfortable
  • The vest is lightweight as well as mobile
  • The design of the vest is pretty sporty
  • The life jacket is suitable for the majority of the water sports
  • It has a vast range of sizes.


  • A lot of people might look for additional features as well as accessories
  • Healthier people than usual may face fitting issues.

#2. Top Safety Adult Life Jacket with Whistle

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It is a premium quality manual life preserver jacket. The jacket inflates when the inflation handle is pulled manually. The jacket is lightweight as well as a low profile, and it keeps the user safe without limiting their movements.

The vest is lightweight as well as durable. If you are looking for a vest that is comfortable to wear, then you can opt for this one.

The vest is made from Nylon + TPU, Neoprene, Polyester. It is reusable, washable and can be used conveniently. The vest is easy to dry so that you can repack it. It also comes with an adjustable belt, which is suitable for both adults as well as youth.

The buoyancy of this best sailing life jacket is 150N, which means that it is perfect for all universal adults who are under 330lbs.


  • It inflates within a span of 3 to 5 seconds
  • It has a CE certification as well as the 3M reflectors have SOLAS approval
  • The vest is lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • It is reusable
  • Fits adults as well as youth.


  • Not recommended for professional sailors, only suitable for beginners
  • Heavy usage is also not recomended

#3. SALVS Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket for Adults

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It is a CO2 operated life vest, which can inflate manually if it requires. It is designed in such a way that it offers the maximum amount of freedom to the person wearing it, allowing them to move around freely without compromising the safety.

The weight of the this lightweight sailing life jacket is 2lbs, but still, it comes with loads of life-saving features; for example, reflectors and safety whistle, etc. the life vest will automatically inflate when it is immersed in water for about 3 to 5 seconds when the ripcord is pulled out. The vest is designed for adults who are under 330 lbs.


  • The jacket is Lightweight.
  • It provides an excellent range of movement.
  • The jacket is Puncture resistant.


  • It doesn’t come with storage for the gear as well as the tackle
  • After its deployed, the CO2 canister has to be replaced.

#4. Astral YTV Life Jacket PFD for Whitewater, Touring Kayaking, Sailing

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This is a type V approved life jacket, which is an excellent option for the ones who are into sailing, rafting, and Kayaking. The buoyancy rating of this best sailing life jacket is 16.5lbs; it is an excellent option for every adult.  The weight of the full vest is about 1.76 lbs, and it is made up of durable Nylon as well as PolyPro webbing.

The jacket comes with two adjustable side buckles that provide a secure fit, as well as two zipped side pockets, and it also comes with a Knife tab. It is an excellent PFD which comes in three sizes. The company provides a size chart in the product descriptions, which allows you to choose the appropriate fit according to the chest size.


  • It is a type V approved
  • The jacket is Lightweight
  • The jacket comes with Two side pockets and a knife tab


  • A lot of people don’t like the pullover style of life vests.

#5. Amarine Made Boat Buoyancy Aid Sailing Jacket Vest

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It is a budget life jacket for sailing, and it is designed in such a manner that it can fit people who are less than 250lbs. The jacket is made form the EPE as well as Detachable EPE foam types of plastics.  The upper material of the jacket is made up of 600 denier nylon as well as waterproof Terylene oxford.

The design of the jacket is efficient. It has a lot of packets. This way, you can store the essential commodities. The jacket comes with a fitted crotch strap that provides extra safety and prevents the jacket from getting removed easily.


  • The jacket is made up of sturdy materials, which means its durable
  • The jacket comes with a safety crotch strap
  • The jacket comes with a lot of pockets, which means you can store all your outdoor needs
  • The jacket is pretty inexpensive.


  • The jacket is one size fit all, which means small-sized and extra-large sized people won’t be able to fit into it

#6. Lixada Fly Fishing Vest Breathable

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A durable life jacket which is made up of a premium ripstop polyester, the durable exterior of the life jacket will make sure that it won’t rip because of the pliers, hooks, and all various gears that the sailors take along.

The jacket has about 11 pockets, and all of the 11 pockets can be used for storing the fishing gears and all various accessories like bates, hooks mobiles, etc. it has two side mesh pockets, four chest pockets, four zippered pockets in front. It has a huge back pocket. All these pockets will provide you with an ample amount of storage.  Though keep in mind that all these pockets aren’t waterproof, so before keeping your mobile phone and other various stuff, put them in the Ziploc, so that you could protect them for water.

The best life jacket for sailing is super comfortable, and it comes with an  Expandable Polyethylene (EPE) foam, which gives enough comfort to the ones who are going to wear it for a more extended period. Since it comes with an EPE foam, it will allow you to stay afloat in the water, because of the superior buoyancy of the foam. It has a Mesh on the back, which allows the jacket to breathe correctly, and it will keep you lightweight and cool throughout. It also drains out the excess water which enters the vest, the mesh also vents out the excessive amount of heat and allowing the fresh air to enter the body making it be a lot cooler

It comes with an adjustable waist as well as shoulder straps, which allows the user to adjust the vest according to the size of the body easily. The user can also adjust the vest by tweaking the strap, that is pulling it out till the time it becomes a perfect fit. The available sizes are XS to 4XL, and the colours available are blue camouflage, grey, green, and red.


  • It is made up of EPE foam as well as Premium Textile
  • The jacket comes with Multiple Zippered Pockets
  • The jacket has a Breathable mesh
  • It comes with open sides


  • The jacket is made cheaply
  • It doesn’t have the approval of USCG

#7. NRS Chinook Fishing Pfd Life Jacket

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Made from 400 denier nylon, this is a durable life jacket since its made up of strong material. The Life jacket prevents all various kinds of tears as well as punctures, which are caused because of the hooks as well as fishing gear. These materials can rip off the vest. It has a full-length zippered closure, which will secure the front side and will make sure that you are fit inside it properly, and the vest doesn’t move, causing a huge impact. The vest gives a sense of security making you believe that you are protected even during the worst-case scenario

The mesh which is present in the lower back area will fit great on the high back seats, making it a lot comfortable. This mesh keeps the vest lightweight as well as cooler. It clears out the way for the excess heat, which is trapped inside the vest, allowing the user to stay cool throughout. it also drains out all the excess water which is trapped inside the vest making it a lightweight

The jacket has a PlushFIT flotation foam, which makes the jacket a lot more comfortable and also allows the user to stay afloat in the water. It has five large pockets, two large zippered pockets, two accessory pockets, and one tool pocket, which will store the majority of the fishing gear and other various accessories. Apart from the pockets, the jacket comes with a front strobe holder loop, a lash tab, a shoulder strap keeper as well as reflective accents.


  • It is available in plenty of high visibility colors
  • Comes with a mesh
  • Has a soft PlushFIt
  • Comes with plenty of pockets
  • Has approval from USCG


  • Doesn’t have any cons


It is indeed true that a lot of people don’t like wearing life jackets, because they are uncomfortable. But this list consists of the most comfortable life jackets for sailing available in the market; they are inexpensive as well as easy to put on. So you won’t have a reason not to wear them, even if the danger is a little low. Have a trough read, and find which one is the best for you.

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