7 Best Life Jackets for Jet Ski 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Jet Skiing provides you with a different taste of the water. The adventure sport has gained quite a bit of popularity, especially for those who like speed. A frequent jet skier is aware of the fact that they need to have a life vest to stay safe. The floating capacity of a life jacket helps a person to stay afloat if they fall into the water.

So, we decided to do our thorough research to gain knowledge about some of the best life jackets for jet skis that are available in the market. We can guarantee you the quality of the life vest, and they will keep you protected in the water. Let us see some of these life vests.

Best Life Jackets for Jet Skiing Reviews 2021

#1. O’Neill Women’s SuperLite USCG Life Vest:

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O’Neill is a renowned company that makes life vests for different adventure sports. This model is suitable for the ladies out there who often find it hard to get life vests in their size. The jacket is perfect for water sports, and it ensures safety as it is a USCG Approved Personal Flotation Device. So, you wouldn’t need to think much before ordering this jacket.

The product has a hard and durable exterior as polyester has been used to make it. As it is a synthetic material, the vest remains lightweight, so it doesn’t add extra pressure to your body and lets you maneuver the jet ski easily. You will feel comfortable after wearing the vest, and you can adjust the fit with the help of the buckles. It is also available in several sizes and bright colors.

This product is definitely something that we will recommend for those who are thinking of indulging in jet skiing. It is a sport where you may invariably get into the water, and this vest will help you to remain afloat. So, definitely purchase the jacket if you were looking for a women’s life vest.


  • Good quality polyester has been used to make the exterior of the vest.
  • It is available in many sizes and colors.
  • As it is ultra-lightweight, it helps you to move your body quickly.
  • USCG approves the jacket, so it ensures your safety.
  • The design is attractive, and it can fit many body forms.
  • You feel comfortable while wearing it.


  • Check the size chart correctly before ordering the vest.
  • The colors are a little bright, but it enhances visibility in the water.

#2. Mex’s Flex V-Back Neoprene Life Vest:

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Mex’s has come up with a life vest that provides the user with the ultimate level of flexibility, which is essential for performing water sports. So, when you wear this jacket, you wouldn’t feel restricted. As the vest is divided into stretch panels, you get a better fit on your body.

BioLite construction makes the vest lightweight, which enhances its breath ability. On top of that, the jacket can dry quite quickly. Another important thing is that neoprene is an eco-friendly material, so it wouldn’t hurt the environment.  The company also was able to get the U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type III approval for this model, making it quite safe.

You get a zip closure in the front, and along with that, there are two adjustable belts for a better fit. Several sizes and color variants are available for this life vest. You can definitely order it if you want a flexible life vest, which allows you to enjoy the water sports thoroughly.


  • The neoprene construction makes the life vest breathable and lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable and flexible.
  • There are stretch panels to make it have a better fit.
  • As there is a zipper as well as adjustable belts, the vest wouldn’t come loose.
  • USCG has approved the life vest as a Type III PFD.
  • You can get it in different sizes and in beautiful colors.
  • Various water sports can be enjoyed wearing this life vest.
  • Neoprene is eco-friendly, so the life vest can be recycled.


  • Pay attention to the size chart while ordering this vest.
  • You have to pay a little more for the fantastic quality you get.

#3. O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Life Vest:

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Have you been through a situation where you settled for an ugly looking life vest? If yes, then you don’t need to do that anymore. Ladies out there can quickly get this life vest produced by O’Brien. The jacket doesn’t only look good but also works perfectly as a personal floating device.

The company has been producing life vests for over 50 years, and they are aware that women have a different body shape. So, this impulse life jacket enables women to move when they are enjoying the water sport. BioLite materials make it lightweight as well as environmentally safe. You can close it with the zipper in the front, along with adjusting the belts for a better fit.

As it is approved by USCG, it is evident that it is safe for use. You can choose the size that you think is appropriate. The vest is also divided into hinged panels, which provide a better fit as it hugs your body. We can reassure you that this jacket is one of the best available right now. Along with stunning quality, they give you the guarantee of durability.


  • BioLite material spectacularly makes the jacket light, comfortable, and breathable.
  • USCG approves the life jacket to be used in various water sports.
  • The adjustable straps let you get a custom fit.
  • Specially designed for the unique needs of women.
  • It provides a better body movement.
  • Available in different colors and size options.
  • Eco-friendly towards nature, and you can recycle it.


  • Be sure to get the correct size by looking at the chart.
  • Only one color option, but the purple looks amazing.

#4. Full Throttle Men’s Hinged Rapid-Dry Flex-Back Life Vest:

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Are you pumped to enjoy some jet skiing this summer? If yes, then this might be the right life vest for you. It is perfect for those who like to be active and moving in the water. To avoid any restrictions, the jacket has hinge panels in the front as well as on the back to help in easy bending and for other movements in your body. There is also a smooth lining to make the jacket comfortable and breathable.

A mixture of Polyester and Spandex has been used in this jacket, so it is evident that it provides the best kind of flexibility. On top of that, the foam used in filling the jacket is of the best quality, so you will be completely safe. It has been approved as a Type III PFD by the USCG, which heightens our trust in Full Throttle’s life vest.

Various sizes and color options are available for this jacket. You can quickly close it with the zipper and then adjust the belts for a custom fit. It wouldn’t come loose, and you can wear it even when you jet ski for hours in a day. You should always give the jacket a little time to get completely used to it.


  • A fantastic standard is set by this life vest.
  • Hinge panels make it easy for you to move the body.
  • Flexibility is enhanced by the poly and spandex mix, which makes up this vest.
  • Both zippers and adjustable belts are present.
  • It is very comfortable and breathable at the same time.
  • USCG does approve this vest, making it appropriate for usage at all places.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • There is even a ring that enables you to connect with the jet ski.


  • Price may vary according to the size, but that ensures the top-notch quality.
  • You should be absolutely sure about the size before ordering the vest.

#5. CWB Connelly Womens Nylon Vest:

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Most of us are looking for a no-frills life vest, which does the job of a PFD without any fail. CWB brings such a vest for the women, and we have to tell you that it looks lovely. The primary material is Nylon, which makes it inexpensive and lightweight at the same time. You do not need to worry about safety as it is approved by the USCG.

Right away, you will notice that it has a thick foam padding that ensures the floating power. Three adjustable belts help in its closure, and the buckles are quick-release. But that doesn’t mean that they will accidentally open while jet skiing. You can get it in any of the sizes according to your body type. Another plus point of this vest is that it is longer than the usual models available in the market.

We love the girly design on the jacket as well as the soothing colors. It isn’t too bright for your eyes while increasing visibility when you are in the water. Just try it on yourself, and we are sure that you will love the vest.


  • Nylon helps in making the vest light and breathable.
  • It is available in perfect sizes meant for women.
  • USCG approves the design as a PFD.
  • There is thick foam padding to ensure safety.
  • Durability is maintained by synthetic materials.
  • The design, as well as the color, is quite attractive.
  • You have quick-release in the buckles for making things easier.
  • CWB has priced the model quite inexpensively.


  • Pick the size carefully to have the perfect size.
  • There are no zippers, but the adjustable belts ensure that the jacket stays put.

#6. Salmule EVA High Buoyancy Life Jacket:

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Salmule has created a life vest that is perfect for almost all people who weigh up to 110 Kgs. There are several ways through which this jacket keeps you safe. The adjustable straps help you to get things snug and well-fitted. To make it safer, the company has added a whistle that can be quickly taken out from the pocket.

Often life jackets get heavy because of the additional water seepage. Still, there is a draining hole in this vest to keep things tidy. Also, the jacket has an attractive color that catches the eye of people if you get into an emergency situation.

If you are a frequent jet skier, then you are bound to love this vest. As it is made of Daron Oxford fabric, you can remain assured about its durability. Nylon is the predominant fabric which makes it light and breathable. So, when you wear this life vest on your next jet ski trip, you will be refreshed and find it easier to move your body.


  • The vest has a fantastic fit.
  • It is suitable for almost all adults.
  • There is a draining hole for air and water.
  • Durability is guaranteed because of the usage of excellent quality fabrics.
  • A whistle has been added for extra protection.
  • You get an added layer of safety because of the bright color.
  • As the vest is lightweight, you wouldn’t have any problem with moving your body.


  • Find out the right size before ordering to get the correct life vest.
  • USCG approval not specified, but you get a jacket with spectacular quality.

#7. CWB V-Back Neoprene Vest:

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As we are mentioning a second product from CWB, it is evident that you can trust the company with your safety vest. This model is unisex, and it is available in different sizes and color options. The attractive design, along with the popping color, makes it a good option for your next jet ski trip.

The model has oversized armholes so that the user can move their arms without any problem. Also, the V-neck design allows an additional level of comfort. There is a zipper for closure along with adjustable straps.

You will notice that the foam has been divided into segments to provide your body with better mobility. So, you wouldn’t be restricted when you want to bend while wearing the vest. It is made of neoprene, so the material is quite breathable and doesn’t add extra weight to your body. Yes, it is also USCG approved, so there is no need to be tensed about safety.


  • Trustable safety vest design with high buoyancy.
  • Available in many adult sizes and in attractive colors.
  • Adjustable belts for a better fitting.
  • Use of neoprene to make it lightweight and breathable.
  • It is USCG approved.
  • Segmented foam to allow better body movement.


  • Select the appropriate size by going through the size chart, as sizing differs from clothing sizes.
  • May feel a bit snug at first, but it eases with time. Utilize the straps for a better fit.


We hope that these best life jackets for jet ski quench your thirst for knowledge about the best ones that are available in the market. It is always better to play safe and use the right protective gear when you are taking part in adventure sports. So, go through the products that we have mentioned over here and enjoy your next jet ski trip.

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