Best Life jackets for Women 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

In this guide we’ll take a detail look at the Best Life Jacket for women in 2021. I compared Design, women’s fashion trend, build quality, safety features and cost to give you my top recommendations.

Water sports like fishing, river rafting is adventurous but you do need to keep yourself safe. Usually, all you require is a good jacket, but this could prove to be a task for some women who can never find the right fit.

Quick list of the Top 3 Best Women Life Jacket without the details.

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Best Women Life Jacket Reviews 2021

Our list reviews some of the top life jackets for women, that can be worn for all kinds of water activities of any intensity level.

#1. Airhead Trend Life Vest for Women

When it comes to your life jacket needs, this Airhead Trend Life Vest is the choice. It has some really good, useful features such as it is UV resistant, made using 200 denier nylon Oxford materials, it is lightweight, has luxurious neoprene and quick-drying quality due to neolite and completed with heavy-duty Delrin side Release buckles. On the inside, you have super light PVC foam and lightweight epe foam.


  • lightweight Poly E flotation inside,
  • soft woven 200 denier polyester,
  • 4 belts with quick-release buckles,
  • comes in dual size,
  • USCG approved Type III for use on watersports,
  • PWC’s and boating.


  • a bit too thin even with the floatation padding,
  • sides overlap a lot even in the smaller sizes

Value for money:

A good choice for those who can’t swim at all! You can snorkel, float, and it even fits large-chested women, give or take a few adjustments to the buckles. Some have mentioned how the jackets not too bulky and fit a larger feminine frame easily. On the other hand, some have said that the jacket is too thin.

We guess this comes down to the fit and that petite women are likely to face this issue.

If that’s the case, the jacket can be adjusted if the buckles are pulled tight, but overall it is a good and comfortable choice for bigger chested/ plus sizes. It’s not exactly form-fitting but works perfectly for PWC. The straps are actually too long, but you can tuck them back through the last loops. The colors are nice and for all this, the price is actually low.

#2. O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Life Vest

The O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Life Vest is stylish, comfortable and comes complete with intricate patterns on the back. Then, it has really big arm holes that deliver on great mobility and let you move your arms too which is something you could really use when on the water.

The jacket is also pretty stylish too and comes in various colors along with the essential features like a front zipper, adjustable belts, side release buckles.


  • Zippered Front Closure,
  • Zip closure, and 2 belts
  • Secure fastening,
  • USCG approved,
  • 1.5 mm neoprene outer shell,
  • Multiple hinge point on front & back


  • need to be careful about exact sizing,
  • very long length,
  • no zippered pockets

Value for money:

A great vest to buy for someone on the petite side. The patterns, colors are something that your daughter, wife, sister is going to love, and there’s a D-Ring to attach things to as well. It fits well when you stand but when kayaking it moves around a lot and then rides up towards your neck.

Because it is a Type III PFD, you can use it for recreational boating, sailing, and kayaking. It has a tight fit; straps are placed in the right areas and the arms are cut wide for comfort.

You can easily get affordable PFDs, but this one tops them all as its sturdy, easy to rinse out clean. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t have a zippered pocket.The jacket is about 2 inches thick, and this goes for the arms and could be too bulky for some.

It does have clasps and zippers, so you can leave it unzipped if required.The reason it rides up is that the back panel is just one-piece, without any flex panels, like you’d find on other vests.

#3. Stohlquist Women’s Flo Life Jacket

This is a high-performance jacket with sculptedfoam chest and high back flotation for comfort and for use in sit-on-top kayaks. And there is a light mesh back on the PFD too which makes it perfect for the summer heat. This is a Type III PFD with sea level buoyancy of 16 lbs. 2 oz.

With that, you also have open sides for better ventilation, built-in supportive foam cups, huge billowing pockets that can fit beverages and cross cinch strap for zero rides up.


  • neoprene waistband,
  • USCG approved type III vest,
  • 400 x 200 denier rip-stop shell,
  • 210 denier oxford liner,
  • lightweight foam material,
  • the inner lining of mesh


  • tedious to adjust,
  • expensive,
  • good for paddling

Value for money:

This best women life jacket is just right for sizes sixteen and up, and for taller women. Even with the inner foam lining, the jacket isn’t bulky and offers a full range of arm motion. The adjusting straps are easy to use too and make the jacket the perfect fit so that it doesn’t interfere with kayak paddling at all.Great price, incredible comfort when other PFDs are easily $20-$50 more

The chest straps are a real bonus, and the side straps allow you to wear this for class 3 and up water. The colors are deep rich purples and greys with flowers and are really pretty to look at. Some users who have worn and used it describe how it is tough to adjust the straps for a really comfy fit, especially the ones on the side. It is not exactly bulky, but it does restrict the wearer when rowing or paddling.


All of these jackets are the best ones for women, but you do need to take a minute when buying them online as its quite easy to end up with the wrong size. But, you do get lots of choices, with different features so you can easily find what you need.

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