Best Rash Guards 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Rash Guards 2021 : Irritated skin is super annoying, and no one knows this better than water sports lovers. This normally happens when there’s too much chafing on surfboards, sun exposure when out kayaking.

One thing that can save everyone is rash guards – something that has been specially designed to prevent issues and have other cool benefits too. They can block UV rays, protect your skin against the surfboard surface, act as insulation under wet suits or keep you warm.

Best Rash Guard Reviews 2021

But it’s only helpful if you get the right one; one that’s comfortable and fits the activity you’re doing. Given here is a list of some best rash guards, reviewed based on features, fits, prices, etc.

#1) Women’s UV Sun Protection Long Sleeve Rash Guard Wetsuit Swimsuit Top

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This best rashguard has been crafted out of high-quality fabrics for the ultimate in comfort, softness, breath ability and fast drying.The suit can be used for most water sports like surfing, swimming, diving, yoga, running, workout, out on the beach, etc.

It has sun protection too and works for playing around on beaches, guaranteed to block out UV radiation, inside and outside the water.

The materials used are a high precision knit that ensures stronger life, durability, and is sand proof. It also has these two drawstrings on the sides that can be pulled up for converting this guard from a shirt to a dress. It also has a zipper on the front too so the fit can be as snug or loose as you’d like.


  • zipper closure,
  • multi-use,
  • UPF/UV protection,
  • adjustable ruche sides for convertible length,
  • quick dry 82% Nylon and 18% spandex soft fabric


  • irregular cowl fit effect that isn’t attractive,
  • color changes when in water

Value for Money:

This guard ensures a snazzy look while being protected against the sun. You can choose from several bright, beautiful colors. It leaves you feeling cool and is great for summer. One thing that is great is that the ruching falls on the midsection actually flattering the torso.

You can stretch it down too, but then it tends to lose that figure-flattering effect. It’s even thin enough to be worn over swim dresses, tankinis, bikini tops and swim skorts. The fit is snug but you do have enough room on arms, the sides etc. The other interesting thing is the collar that’s open – most guards have crew necks that can make them uncomfortable to wear in the water or on warm days. The open neck with the added front zipper ensures breathability.

Get this guard is you like water sports in the summer but need comfortable good to keep the chafing down.

#2) Women’s Rash Guard Short Sleeve Rashguard Sun Protection Shirt UPF 50+

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This guard by BeautyIn is a fast-track, trendy suit made out of comfortable materials and good for life on the beach, pool parties. If you’re looking for a stylish beach wardrobe staple, then this is it.Designed to complement all swimsuit colors and body types, the guard comes with raglan sleeves and crew necks.

Not only do you look stylish, but you are also protected from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays during outdoor activity. It remains lightweight, airy so that it can dry out quicklyafter surfing and swimming.


  • 82% polyester 18% spandex fabric mix,
  • crew-neck,
  • raglan short sleeves,
  • printed pattern,
  • UVB/UVA protection,
  • lightweight fabric with flatlock seams


  • sizing issues,
  • does tend to ride up if the size is too small

Value for Money:

The shirt is form fitting but isn’t too tight. It is a bit on the lengthy side but is snug and fits larger people easily because of this. Plus, you’ve got a choice in colors and is good for summers too as the shirt doesn’t get too hot – or too tight, loose as you wear it.

You do have to wear a bikini top underneath there’s just one layer of swimsuit material. Some have described how they ordered a large size, but it doesn’t have that snug fit like it’s supposed to. Then, if they ordered a size smaller it turned out to be too snug and rode up during wear.

Get this guard if you don’t like the ones that are too tight and would like extra breathability when out on the beach.

#3) Hawk Sports Men’s Compression Shirts Base Layer

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This is a premium quality slim fit guard that feels like a second skin and is designed for athletic use like competitions, training. This shirt comes in Black, Blue, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Brown, and camouflage for both men and women.

Made using ultra-light 220 GSM macro stretch fabric with the signature hawk jiu-jitsu logo, completed with the Y-Vent design for 360-degree ultimate movement. All this is made possible with the over-locked, four-way stretch construction lycra stretch panels on it that help with superb movements.

It’s also got this anti-odor technology that prevents odor-causing microbes, making it a fast dry, antimicrobial swim shirt. Designed for surfing professionals, these shirts can even be used for cross-training or wrestling.


  • multi-purpose,
  • lightweight,
  • breathable,
  • over-locked stitched lycra panels


  • pre-shrunk,
  • needs to be hand-washed,
  • stitching shows some fuzzing from wear,
  • no UV protection

Value for Money:

This compression shirt feels like premium athletic wear as the fabric is nice and has thick stitching; even on the arms that make this more durable. You may find a few areas to be a little loose but the rest of the fit is sung, nice and comfy.

As for the sizing, the company suggests going for the bigger size if you fall between sizes. They’ve prevented mat burn and work well for gyms, athletic use, etc.The stitching does tend to fray after some wear but doesn’t break, so it is very durable. For the price, you do get exceptional quality, but you do have to be careful about the sizing. Plus, they double up as a base layer in the winters.

#4) Speedo Men’s Longview L/S Rash Guard Swim Shirt

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This rash guard shirt keeps you safe from the sun, with its Block the Burn UV50+. It is lightweight, fast-drying made out of jersey fabric with a second sun protective fabric.


  • 100% Polyester,
  • imported,
  • UV & UPF 50+ protection,
  • low moisture absorption,
  • soft and breathable fabric,
  • loose fit,
  • low moisture absorption,
  • soft and durable fabric that maintains shape and quality


  • material snags easily leading to holes in the shirt,
  • stains easily,
  • see-through when wet

Value for Money:

Buyers did face sizing issues, but it offers excellent protection from the sun. It is multi-use and works for beaches top boats. And the overall top-quality product, it does have long sleeves and feels lightweight.

Even though it is loose, it doesn’t lift up when you’re in the water, but it is see-through -so it works great for swimming too. It dries quickly and even works with snorkeling as it protects you from sharp rocks without getting scratched.

#5) Roxy Women’s Whole Hearted Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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This Whole Hearted Long Sleeve Rash Guard from Roxy has been made for boosting surfing. It comes designed with crew necks, large binding on the collar and made entirely out of soft resistant fabrics that conform to your figure.

It is a fitted rash guard with long sleeves that provides UPF 50 technology in the form of screen print on the front and sleeves.


  • 92% Polyester/8% Spandex,
  • Pull On closure,
  • Hand Wash,
  • Long sleeve style with low neck design.
  • Flat lock stitched,
  • Board short loop fastener


  • a bit too tight around wrists and neckline,
  • heavy materials

Value for Money:

The sizing appears to be superb, but wearers have described how the head and sleeves openings are too small. It is still a good purchase overall and is well made, even suited for snorkeling. It is also good lengthwise, and will not run up your back, hips as you swim, walk. The material has a good thickness to it and if you want a loose fit you just need to move one size up.

But it’s the sleeve ends and neck that gets us, as you can hardly squeeze your hands through the wrist portion. The material is quite heavy and all other features aside, the guard tends to run pretty small, even if you do wear a small size. As a result, the arms are snug and when in the water it can suction down on the forearms. Then it’s tough to remove and there is no tie for the board shorts.

#6) HUGE SPORTS Wildling Series UV Protection Quick Dry Compression Rash Guard

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Part of a collection series from Huge Sports, this rash guard features unique animal totem print patterns. Suitable for athletic & recreational outdoor activities and water sports such as surfing, swimming, boarding, hiking, etc. You are guaranteed to be protected against excess sun exposure as it has UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection.

Comfort is a plus here as well, as the guard is made out of a two-way stretch fabric that compresses and stabilizes muscles preventing fatigue. It’s also breathable too, maintaining temperatures while eliminating excessive moisture and heat.

Huge Sports guarantees that the rash guards can sustain different situations that provide the desired support in extremely tough conditions. The design also consists of reflective prints, woven tape that minimizes friction, thin threads with exceptional strength for versatility and durability.


  • 80% Polyamide (Nylon),
  • 20% Elastane,
  • geometrical patterns,
  • UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection, suitable for athletic & recreational outdoor activities,
  • light and breathable fabric,
  • temperature balancing, fabric stabilizes muscles and compresses them.


  • cost
  • uncomfortable laser-cut holes in the back
  • lacks board short loops

Value for Money:

This guard has wider and more concreted lines that look stylish and is so far the best affordable BJJ rash guard that’s snug but not tight. Users have said that it can run a little too tight in the armpits and waist that makes it look like a wet suit. Also, it does run a little costly, but the seams and stitches look great, so do the prints.

Still, this is a good choice for compression shirts, they’re snug but not too tight and are definitely flattering as it sits nicely on the chest, shoulders, and arms, but just a little loose on the stomach area. Even the material is good too, it’s pretty heavy and not the see-through thin stuff.

For some people who wear and XXL and larger, the shirt bags up in the water, or when the surf is big. It is versatile can work for swimmers, surfers, athletes, & workers that are looking for comfort, fashion, fit and price.

It blocks out the sun beautifully, but it has these lasers cut holes in the back that can make things itchy. One thing that it really needs is boardshorts loops for securing the bottom of the rash guard to your board shorts.

#7) REKITA Women’s Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt Color Block Print Tankini Swimsuit

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This tankini swimsuits with printed side ties block direct sunlight. Designed to give you that desired, flattering fit and match the rest of your beach and surf accessories. Plus, the top has these removable bra paddings and long sleeves for the ultimate in comfort and sun protection.

To ensure that the sleeve never rides up, the sleeves go right over the back of your palms and thumbs.


  • 82%Nylon + 18%Spandex,
  • quick-dry fabric,
  • blocks sunlight,
  • thumb wraps on sleeves,
  • built-in bra,
  • multiple sizes


  • tricky fitting built-in bra,
  • super thick materials,
  • sizing issues,
  • hand washing required

Value for Money:

There are a lot of mixed reviews for this one, so let’s get started out on the pros first. It has this built-in shelf bra attached to a sturdy enough set of fabric to work. The bottoms are adjustable, and the fabric is soft and only slightly stretchy. The top had built-in pads so you could wear it without a swim top underneath

Now for the cons, beginning with the sleeves that when pulled up and placed over the thumb, they will bunch up – that’s not going to be comfortable in the water.These thumb sleeve end might fit smaller hands perfectly, but on bigger hands might get a little uncomfortable. But you can always tuck them inside is that’s the case as the sleeves are very long.

Next,there are double layers in the front for modesty and for flattering your figure, even going up the neck. One good thing is that the sports bra and padding is removable because like all built-in bras, you can never seem to get a good fit. There are small slits under the arm area for removing the padding and might work for some people.

This is because the sports bra can ride up too high and has to be constantly adjusted. You can’t remove this either, as it will destroy the entire suit.

The bikini bottoms are nice but appear to be a universal fit and might suit someone with a flatter tummy! Most buyers simply went with a generic, waist or bikini bottom of their choice.

It is a good option for sunny weather protecting your skin and keeping it dry as well. Its easier to wear this and then adjust the side ties – this prevents the top from riding up.Works well when wet in the ocean paddle-boarding and swimming yet for some reason, the colors bleed into each other when its washed. You can try hand washing this.

Some buyers felt that the shirt protected them from the sun because it was so thick and not breathable, especially when walking or inside a boat.

#8) Actloe Women’s Printed Long Sleeve Front Zipper Rashguard Swim Top No Bottoms

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This guard is a mix of spandex and polyester four-way stretch fabric for free movement and comfort. Printed out in vibrant colors, it has a front zipper, so it is both soft and comfortable to wear. There is a built bra, so you don’t have to wear and an additional bikini top underneath.

The bra can be customized too as it has removable padding, no underwire and is semi-fitted. Suitable for wear during most of the water sports you love like surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding. The company suggests washing by hand to keep its shape and avoid the use of bleach when doing so.


  • 82%Polyester + 18%Spandex,
  • Chic vibrant printed style,
  • front full-zip, Four-way stretch fabric,
  • soft and comfortable to wear,
  • Removable paddings,
  • no underwire, semi-fitted,
  • Suitable occasions: Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Kayaking


  • hand washing required,
  • bottoms not included

Value for Money:

This the top for curvy women that has a gorgeous design, flattering style, and superlative fit and gets top votes for form and function. It feels great, offers good support and keeps the sun off you – doing an excellent job protecting your skin – and does so without any irritation or discomfort whatsoever. The fabric is stretchy, provides full movement without slippage or riding up the back or bunching up around the front side. The zipper is convenience and has light, removable padding, all of which appear to be of good quality.

The funny thing is that it looks a lot like a casual outing jacket, owing to its super small size. If you wear a Small or XS size, then it’s a firm fit, and the lining cups fit well, otherwise, it can be too tight.Sizing issues apply here as well, you have to up a few sizes if you’re not interested in form-fitting guards.

Those sewn in cups allow you to wear this as a bathing suit top and not just over your suit. So, it’s a super snug fit when zipped up, but it is a well-made sun/rash guard swim top and the sleeves are long. The padding isn’t removable, but if you don’t like them you can cut them out safely without ruining the rest of the suit. The zipper seems strong and has a nice cloth covering on the side, neckline so that the zipper doesn’t bother you.

A great top for water sports – or any activity under intense sunlight – as it helps guard against too much sun exposure and chaffing from surfboarding. The entire product appears very well constructed with the only issues of the bra padding that claim to be removable but don’t have any way for you to do so!

On the plus side, its sewn in and won’t slide around.This guard is a functional way to protect your skin from sun exposure but doesn’t contain SPF as some full coverage swim tops do.

#9) WETSOX Suit Skin Shirt Wetsuit Base Layer Multi-Season Rash Guard/Wetsuit

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The WETSOX Suit Skin is what you need for your wetsuit, only adding about 1mm of insulation. It is an ultra-flexiblebase layer that cuts out down on bulk under your suit. The construction is made out of four-way stretch material and fits you like a second skin, for durability and comfort – all flat-lock stitched into place.

To minimize bunching, the suit skins have been created to keep you warm while building a frictionless exterior yet giving you full movement. It can even be worn on its own so you can move freely in or out of the water with an added thermal layer.

The suit skins can be removed in seconds,won’t rub, chafe, or bunch up when you move even if layered under other water clothing.It is comfortable enough to be used in all conditions and events like water sports, swimming, surfing, diving, and more. It can be layered under a wetsuit when it’s cold or wear alone in warmer weather.


  • high functionality,
  • super-thin fabric,
  • superior quality materials,
  • form-fitting, doubles as athletic wear,
  • thermal and chafing protection

Cons : 

  • strong neoprene smell,
  • the wrong size could mean a super tight fit

Value for Money:

The product does exactly as advertised, but while the super-thin material is superb, it can be a nuisance if you order the wrong size. Then it’s going to be really tight and a pain to take off.

Overall, you have great materials and materials that are reasonably priced.Then, you can use it as a wet shirt, it is cut long and goes below the waist stretching out very nicely.

It suits all needs quite well as a daily kayaker in a temperate climate, keeping warm and dry without additional insulation. The thumb holes on the sleeves are nice, but the waist might ride up minimally. It does possess a very strong neoprene smell so you do have to wash and dry it fully before each use.


Check out all features on the rash guards of your choice, before finding one that suits your tastes and needs. Based on that you can choose, light or dark colors, thermals – regardless of whether you’re a surfer, or want to relax on a boat there’s a best rash guard for every occasion. Use this list, you won’t regret it!

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